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GrowthSpur Introductory Webinar: Back by Popular Demand  

January 13, 2010

We had so much response to our first two introductory webinars last week that we’ve scheduled another, at 3 p.m. Eastern/2p Central/1p Mountain/Noon Pacific, Thursday, Jan. 21. Drop us a note at if you’re interested in participating.

The webinar is a chance for you to hear how we work with local community site operators to turn their great content into sustainable businesses. The webinars have been fascinating for us as well, beyond the chance to interact with smart folks. We’ve heard questions and wrinkles that we hadn’t heard before, which is always helpful as we refine our ideas. But more to the point, they’ve served to confirm that we’re onto something. There’s real growth in the number and type of local sites seeking to supplement (and replace) declining traditional media—and terrific folks who will be able to succeed and turn them into money-making businesses if they just get a little help.

That’s what we do at GrowthSpur, supplying tools, training and local ad-sales networks to support local sites. So if you want to learn more, send us a note with a bit of information about you and your local site to  info (AT) growthspur (DOT) com. Incidentally, if you miss the Webinar, not to worry—we’ll make an archived version available.

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