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GrowthSpur’s Growth Spurt

August 3, 2009

We’ve been thrilled and humbled by the response we’ve gotten to the announcement of GrowthSpur. We’re being flooded with inquiries from sites looking for our help (please keep ’em coming!), and we’re going to sort through them and prioritize them as quickly as we can. We’re planning to create a variety of programs to work with sites of different types and sizes, and we’ll have information on that here as it develops. We’re also hearing from vendors interested in working with sites that are GrowthSpur partners, and we’ll be setting up those relationships, too, as part of our offerings to sites.

GrowthSpur has also received some very flattering press, blog and analyst mentions, which we greatly appreciate. Three particularly detailed and thoughtful write-ups: Jon Fine in BusinessWeek, Greg Sterling in Screenwerk and Peter Krasilovsky in the Kelsey Group’s blog. They help us more fully explain what we’re trying to do, and raise good issues, as well, that we’re working hard to deal with to help make local blogs more successful. That’s why GrowthSpur exists.

Finally, we’ll be using this blog to periodically talk about smart strategies for growing local traffic and revenue, and to feature local sites that are doing particularly good work. And we’ll keep you posted on our progress. Please watch this space!


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